Lara Gavriely  

Born in Israel 1984.




2011-2015  B.Ed. in education and fine arts at the Visual Arts Faculty Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College, Israel.


 Solo Exhibitions 

2017.  'Empty Gaps'- 16:9 Gallery, Detroit, USA.

2015.  'Oval construction'- BA Final Exhibition. Beit Berl, Hamidrasha – School of Art, Israel.


 Group Exhibitions


2018.  'Israeli Art Exhibition' Israel AIDS task force fundraising - Hapoalim Bank, TVL, Israel.

2017.  'Sail Tel Aviv' 2017 festival- Trumpeldor beach, TLV, Israel.

2016.  'AVI festival' art video international- Cinema City, Jerusalem, Israel.

             'Year Photo'- Museum of Photography Tel-Hai, Israel.

             'Grey Market- plunder & present'- Hamidrasha Gallery, TLV, Israel.

             'Metropolis 3’- White city project, TLV, Israel.

             'Secret Art Exhibition 8' – Bait Many Leumi, TVL, Israel.

             'For all souls' - Fundraising Exhibition, Kastiel As Is, TLV, Israel.

             'Year ends'- Hanina Gallery, TLV, Israel.

2015.  'Test Exposure' WRO Media Art Biennale -  Wroclaw, Poland.

             'NightLight tlv 2'- Light festival, TLV, Israel.

             'International Festival of Camouflaged art' - Florence, Italy, Maastricht, Netherland, Manizales, Colombia.

             'Dubnov'- Exhibition to save the Meyerhoff Center, Yair Gallery, TLV, Israel.

2014.  'Education Art and Theory'-  Hamidrasha Gallery, TLV, Israel.

             'MediActive'-  Hamidrasha - School of Art, K'far Sava, Israel.

2013, 2014.  'The Secret Postcard project'-  Fresh Paint, TLV, Israel.

                          'The FunFun Fastival'-  TLV, Israel.

2013.  'YouTube generation'- one of four selected artists to represent the 'Il Crepaccio' gallery,Vetra Theater, Milano, Italy.

2012.  'Cobalto 40'- 'Il Crepaccio', Milano, Italy, Curator- Yuri Ancarani.

            'Mess- media'- Cultural Hall Kiryat Sapir, K'far Sava, Israel.           

            'Sezef- Kezef'- Hamidrasha– School of Art, K'far Sava, Israel.

2007.   Biennale art miniature- Tuzla, BIH.




2015. Granted with Excellence Scholarship from the Art Faculty, Hamidrasha, Beit Berl.

2014. Granted with encouragement scholarship of Visual Art Studies from the America-Israel Culture Foundation.

2012. Granted with Excellence scholarship from the civic center culture, society and economy.



2018. The poetry of science  - The Weizmann Institute Magazine - Click here > 

2016. 44 degrees, Issue "different options" - Click here > 

            Harama art magazine, Issue #14 "Share" - Click here >

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            International festival of camouflaged  art - Click here >

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            Harama art magazine, Issue #10 "Universe"- Click here >

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2005-2010.  Managed and exhibit an Atelier gallery in Vis, Croatia.